Ideas To Make The 75th Birthday Personal And Unforgettable

Some wonderful gift ideas you can give to someone special celebrating a 75th birthday are: go platinum; record greetings for the celebrant; give a creative gift basket; touch the heart of the celebrant by making a collage or scrapbook; consider the celebrant’s hobbies and interest; surprise the celebrant with a ticket for two to an extraordinary vacation destination; or get sentimental by framing a portrait, painting, or a poem.

It’s always a tough job of figuring out what to give to someone you love who will celebrate his or her birthday. 75th birthday gifts need to be as special as the celebrant. Here are some gift ideas you can use to make the 75th birthday of your loved one a memorable one:

Look for gifts made of platinum

The 75th birthday is a platinum one; so platinum birthday gifts are ideal for the celebration. Some perfect gifts for the 75th birthday include a platinum jewelery, platinum frames or some other platinum items. If you find platinum items too expensive, you may also choose to give gifts that are platinum coated. Engrave the name of the celebrant and the date of celebration on the gift item to make your gift more special and memorable.

You could present the celebrant with greetings recorded by family and friends

The birthday celebration will be more meaningful if you visit the celebrant, his family and relatives rather than just participating in the dinner. Record their audio or video greetings to the celebrant, and save it on a disk. Play the recorded CD as an integral part of the event and thus make a surprise to the celebrant in the mid of the event. The celebrant will appreciate your gift and also cherish it all through his or her life. In case you are interested to save your valuable time and physical pains, then you can make a search over the Internet for the service providers who would do the event programming from the beginning to the end of the event.

Give a creative gift basket

You can’t go wrong with a gift basket, they work for people of all ages. In one package, the celebrant can get lots of exciting stuff. When celebrating a 75th birthday, you can put in some old-fashioned goodies, a personalized 75th birthday shirt, a good book, tickets to plays, a lottery ticket, and maybe a page from a newspaper or magazine published on the day the celebrant was born.

Create a relevant collage or a scrapbook

Generally, as people age, they tend to get more sentimental. Make a collage of pictures or a scrapbook to touch someone’s heart. Including pictures from the various milestones of the celebrant’s life would also be highly appreciated. When you prepare the scrapbook, include photos of the celebrant in it taken at important stages or memorable events of his life. Include photos of the celebrant’s favorite stars, sports team, favorite movies and even favorite food if you decide to make a scrapbook. Post lines of favorite songs, poems, quotes, and other stuff that will truly touch the celebrant. When a celebrant receives greetings from all his or her loved ones such as kids, grand children, friends and in-laws, he or she is bound to feel touched as well as thrilled.

You must take into account the hobbies and the preferences of the celebrant

A gift that is bound to delight someone who is celebrating his or her 75th birthday would be to give him or her something that relates to his or her hobby or interest. Gifts that add up to a collection or items from a favorite past time will make a wonderful gift. You can also opt for the ancient coins, stamps, and other collectible items if you think that the celebrant’s has some interest in those of the items. If the celebrant loves to cook, give a humorous, customized apron and a cookbook. If the celebrant loves gardening, you can give a new set of tools in a favorite color to make the gift more interesting.

Wow the birthday person with two tickets to an extraordinary vacation spot

Assuming you have the money, you could buy the celebrant and his or her partner tickets for a vacation. Considering the age of the celebrant, make sure the recipient is still able to travel. Select a location that is both close and really loved by the celebrant to create a gift that is unforgettable.

Make your gift more personal by creating it yourself, suggestions include: framing a portrait, painting a picture or coining a poem or limerick

If you would like to give a sentimental gift, you could consider framing a poem, a painting or even a portrait. You should choose to frame one of the celebrant’s favorite items. Ask a child about a favorite photo, scene, or poem if you’re a friend of relative. There are many platinum gifts to consider for the platinum birthday person in your life, including a vintage style platinum coated frame.

The birthday gift must be beautifully wrapped and a message or greeting to the celebrant must be inserted in it. You can give a gift that is both memorable and touching.

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