18th Birthday Presents That’ll Surprise Them

Birthdays are either memorable for the right reasons (you had a great time) memorable for the wrong reasons (someone fell in the garden pond or set the house on fire) or completely forgettable. So, with that firmly in mind how do you make sure that the birthday boy or girl gets that good kind of surprise? The answer: PLAN AHEAD. Everyone knows that a birthday is a time to surprise your loved ones but there are a few special birthdays, which stand out from the rest, landmark occasions which you and your friends will never forget.

People can sometimes be jaded about birthdays but an 18th is a once in a life time switch from being a teenager to being an adult. Whether you are trying to find the perfect 18th birthday presents, or hoping to host the best birthday party, a bit of forward planning and imagination could help to make your friend’s 18th a big (and beautiful) surprise.

Coming of Age

Of all the milestone birthdays an 18th birthday is one of the best. It’s a time when a teenager officially becomes a grown up and is no longer a minor in the eyes of the law. It is also a time when the birthday boy or girl can legally drink, marry whoever they choose to marry and they become fully responsible for themselves. If you have a friend or relative who is turning 18 soon, choose 18th birthday presents that celebrate or commemorate the big change from teenager to adult.

Some excellent gift ideas could be engraved items such as an engraved hip flask for example which is great because the receiver can keep a useful present like that forever. Also, because it should be filled with a boozy tipple it represents the shift into adulthood.

Engraved wine and spirit glasses make great presents for the same reason. You can add any message to them that you want, you could get their date of birth engraved, or simply opt for a message saying that you love them, within a set number of characters anything is possible! That makes engraved gifts personal, practical and usually a pretty big surprise.

Rights and Responsibilities

As an 18th can be considered a birthday full of new rights and responsibilities, 18th birthday presents could easily key in to that. For example, because the birthday boy or girl can drink alcohol a personalised bottle of champagne would make a good present and says ‘congratulations!’ brightly and clearly with a burst of fizz! It also shows that they are now legally able to drink and can be a touching and personal gift because the label can be customised with any message you like!

Some really good ideas for messages might even be quotes from their favourite poet or rock star. As long as the message on the label is personal and thoughtful it’s bound to make them smile. One good thing about 18th birthday presents such as personalised champagne is that they make a big impression at birthday parties, popping the cork and filling glasses is really exciting and sharing the fizz makes it feel extra special and luxurious.

Unforgettable Presents

We all have a friend who is impossible to buy birthday presents for but there is a solution! So many people buy themselves the treats that they hanker after as finding gifts for the guy or girl who has everything is hard work. What’s more you don’t want to get someone something that will end up collecting dust on a shelf or ending up stashed away in a drawer. If you want to get 18th birthday presents that are completely unforgettable then consider experience days. They are actual, real life experiences instead of objects so they are great for people who don’t need to add to their household clutter because they will get them out of the house instead. A life well lived is full of unforgettable experiences so in many ways experience days are the best presents you could get anyone.

You could get your friend an introductory flying lesson, tickets to a chocolate making workshop or even a dance class. In fact there are experience days that suit everyone.

In a way the 18th birthday presents which people get are less important than the birthday party. By taking lots of photos at the party you will make it easy to look back fondly and remember the day so be sure to take a camera to any event you help arrange. Sitting and looking at the pictures in the weeks after the birthday can be so much fun.

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