5 Special Christian Gift Items For a 65th Birthday

Some of the Christian gifts you can give to a special person who is about to turn 65 include souvenirs that feature proverbs and spiritual sayings, a diary that has wise phrases written on each and every page, jewelry inscribed with a psalm, an artwork which features a Christian reference, or a Christianity-themed gift that you personally made.

Giving gifts is among the most heartfelt ways of showing someone dear to you your thankfulness and love on their birthday. But, it might be more challenging to pick the ideal gift for somebody who is about to turn 65 because a lot of individuals at this stage may have already attained the material things they want in life. But there are numerous Christian-themed gifts that happen to be classic and could certainly be valued by somebody who has received the gift of 65 successful years. Here are several Christian 65th birthday gifts you can consider giving:

Souvenirs that displays proverbs and spiritual quotes

Think about offering the birthday celebrant inspirational words displayed on a souvenir. An embroidery or wall hanging which has a Bible verse embroidered on it could be a really good gift idea. Try to look for one that harmonizes with the shades of the birthday celebrant’s living room design. Other similar ideas include a ceramic dish imprinted with a proverb or flowers set in an elegant vase engraved with a saying from a Bible verse.

A journal which has inspiring sayings displayed on each page

A journal is a heartwarming gift idea most especially for someone who has gone through many life lessons and spiritual maturity over the years. You’ll find diaries that contain enlightening quotes or scriptures inscribed on each page. Such sayings may serve as daily inspiration for the birthday celebrant or something which he or she might ponder over. You can even customize the gift idea by having the recipient’s name embroidered on the cover.

Jewelry personalized with a psalm

Accessories could be wonderful gift ideas and also the birthday celebrant can remember you each time he or she puts on the gift. Make the accessory more special and personalized by customizing it with a heartwarming psalm. Search for jewelry stores in your area that has engraving services for jewelry. You can even have the birthday boy or girl’s name engraved as well.

A piece of art which has a Christian reference

There are plenty of Christian-themed emblems and references that can be included in an artistic masterpiece to make it become more remarkable and meaningful. A painting which shows a shepherd carrying a lamb can be a wonderful reference to Psalm 23 or a seashore marked with footprints could be a representation of the Footprints in the Sand poetry. If you happen to be talented with art, you can create the gift yourself. Look for passages in the Holy Bible which can be used as a source of inspiration for a painting, drawing or sculpture. An alternative would be to commission a local artist to make the piece of art for you.

A Christian-related item that you made yourself

Presents you personally created are special and sentimental. If you are skilled with cross-stitching then come up with a cross stitch design of the celebrant’s beloved scriptural passage. If you enjoy pottery, you could design a jar and fill it with notes with Bible verses inscribed on them. If you like making poetry, why not write down a Christianity-themed poem and have it framed?

The Christian gift you give will certainly be more meaningful if the recipient can see that you put extra effort and time into selecting or making it.

Written by Douglas R. Williams. Get more ideas on customized and sentimental 65th birthday gifts at this link: http://www.lifeonrecord.com/Meaningful/Birthday/Gift/65th/Meaningful-65th-Birthday-Gift.htm

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