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Coming Up With Witty 50th Birthday Sayings for Invitations

With age comes wisdom, we say. What we don’t often hear is: With age also comes wit! You’ll notice that quite a few advanced adults have a full stock of witticisms, guaranteed to put the cheekiest of youngsters to shame! Making birthday invitations for such witty people is bound to be a daunting task, if you haven’t turned 50 yourself. You may feel at a loss for 50th birthday sayings for invitations.

Invitations for older people are known to be dull and rather plain, but you can break the mold if you include witty 50th birthday sayings for invitations. It’s not good to celebrate a date as special as the one which marks one half of a century on this Earth with somber words – don’t hesitate to be colorful! Find a lively, optimistic quote to mark the occasion. In fact, funny and uplifting words would be perfect.

You don’t have to be Shakespeare to come up with something clever. Keep your birthday celebrant in mind when making the invitations. What is a witty phrase that this celebrant is likely to say? Does he or she have a catchphrase which friends and family have come to identify with him or her? Perhaps “Oy vey!” or “Great scott!” – a phrase that the celebrant uses often. With cheerful lettering and a bit of graphic design skill, you can turn that simple catchphrase into an invitation cover that would make all the recipients smile!

If you don’t want to use your own words, though, it is perfectly all right to borrow others’. You can look through the Internet for witty quotes about looking at 50. Quotes from contemporary comic poets like Ogden Nash, or from comedians like the timeless Bob Hope and George Burns are always a treasure.

You may opt for something touching instead of witty, if the celebrant’s personality calls for something a bit more serious. Quotes from inspirational poems, or uplifting quotes from religious text, are always welcome additions in cards. The important thing is not to cloud over the occasion by presenting the celebrant and his or her guests with a boring, lifeless, standard invitation. Touch up your card with bright or pastel colors. Although if the celebrant’s personality calls for an earthlier look, earth colors like sepia and old rose should also be acceptable.

The design of the invitation should match the liveliness of the quote you have chosen. Don’t match funny 50th birthday sayings for invitations with a shot of pensive scenery, or an inspirational quote with a goofy graphic! Although if wit is called for, perhaps the latter technique could be used to your advantage. Mix and match inspirational or touching quotes with happy, cartoonish images, geared especially to calling forth a smile from the lips of the recipients.

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The Best Birthday Video

Birthday videos are very popular and common. These are very easy to make and are customized according to the person making them. The maker can regulate the length of the video as per his requirements. These comprise of audio as well that plays in the background while images flash in video mode. These are loved by children and are thus made very colorful and attractive. They are also available online. There are many versions of the same video which can be downloaded. But, the ones that are available online are generally short comprising of the song and a few quotes relating to birthdays.

There are websites that are specifically designed for designing them. They have various additional features that can be used to make the video more exciting and mesmerizing. They also provide users with different ideas that they can choose from while making the file. The user can upload various pictures and also audio clips and make the video very special to the one that it is dedicated to. Everyone generally loves such mesmerizing experiences on the most special day of the year. These videos are a way of expressing emotions towards the person who they are dedicated to.

The length of these is generally a few minutes. People design their videos in different styles and different effects. The images appear on screen and move out in a specified manner. These can all be changed at any point of time. The content or matter changes according to the different makers. The age of the person also plays a very important role in determining the content of the video. A person who is mature will always prefer reading quotes that relate to the kind of life he lives or wants to live or about the all that he has achieved in life.

A child would love to see his pictures with his near and dear ones along with a cartoon theme of his favorite show. The use of images creates a nostalgic feel and makes the person feel great and very happy to see the closest people to him in it. Birthday videos are not only fun to watch but also to make on others. Even the one who designs it goes through a lot of images and songs that make him feel how special the person who it is being made for is. All in all, it is always an amazing experience for both, the one who makes it and also the person whose birthday it is made for.

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