8 Unique 50th Birthday Party Ideas For Her That Are Fun And Memorable

Making a memorable and fun-filled 50th birthday celebration would include playing recorded and live greetings at the birthday party, creating a memory-filled venue for the party, wearing clothes that were in fashion during her youth, being sure to offer old-fashioned treats and snacks, considering her favorite childhood theme for her birthday cake, playing some 1960’s and 1970’s cartoon clips, going with a 50s birthday party theme, and going for gold theme.

For many women, their 50th birthday heralds a new era in their lives. Amidst the excitement of throwing a birthday party for a celebrant comes with it the challenge of making the party more enjoyable than her other birthday parties. If you want to give your special lady a truly memorable, exciting and unique 50th birthday party, just follow these tips:

Get sentimental with recorded and live greetings at the party

For a 50th Birthday celebration, one of the many special 50th Birthday Ideas is to play recorded and live greetings at the celebrant’s party. You may record the greetings yourself or avail yourself of services online that will gather audio greetings from family and friends for the celebrant and compile them on one CD. To add to the surprise, let someone special to the celebrant yet unable to join the party call her during the celebration. To set a sentimental mood for the celebrant, let that someone greet to her live during the party.

Create a memory-filled venue for the party

Women love scrapbooks, magazines, and photos, especially during their early years. Turn the setting of the party into a life-size scrapbook of her life, which will make the site more exceptional. You can display photos of her all through her life with her friends and family including her school, wedding and other family pictures. You may display some of her favorite quotes, poems, and song lyrics on every table as well as enlarge and display in large vintage frames her best portraits from her youth. The place will definitely be unique and heartwarming.

Dress up like you were back in the years of her youth

Encourage your loved one and guests to wear the fashions of the 70s and early 80s to prompt memories and make the event more enjoyable. Don’t forget inviting her old chums. Turn on some funky music and let loose with interesting party games they had all those years ago. Her 50th birthday will surely be fun-filled, and she will enjoy it as much as she enjoyed her birthdays when she was younger.

Serve old-fashioned goodies

Bring back the past on the celebrant’s 50th birthday. Bring back memories by serving the celebrant her favorite pastries, dishes and candies she used to love when she was young. These goodies will surely be a hit to her and her friends. You may anticipate an evening filled with good humor and good memories.

Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite childhood theme

The element of surprise always comes with birthdays. Personalize her birthday cake with her favorite icons and themes from the past to make her 50th birthday more surprising and memorable. It is important though to know that the icon you chose was really her childhood favorite.

Play popular cartoons that were running in the 60s and 70s

Show popular cartoon clips from her childhood to draw out the child in the birthday celebrant. Show cartoon from the 60s and 70s, like Casper, Mighty Mouse, Go Go Gophers, and George of the Jungle, just to name a few. You will be surprised just by how much she will truly enjoy watching her childhood icons.

Choose a 50s theme for the party

Celebrate the 50th year of the celebrant’s life by using a 50s theme at their birthday party. If possible, encourage her friends and relatives to give their gifts in 50s. For instance, if she loves music, you can give her a CD containing 50 songs from her childhood. Another idea is to present on a screen 50 kind words that would describe her. You can also let 50 of her loved ones to line up and describe her in one adjective each. It will add up to the spice of the event, may it be serious, sentimental, or funny.

Go golden

Golden girl is what best describes the celebrant on her 50th birthday, so why not celebrate the night in gold. Send gold-colored invitations and encourage guests to wrap their gifts in gold paper and trim. Also, encourage guests to wear something gold. For this golden birthday, be sure to play golden oldies and, if possible, use golden tableware.

To make it more memorable, celebrate the party in an exceptional place. It can take place in the celebrant’s familial home, on a ferry, at their vacation home, or in a luxury hotel. This day will never happen again, so make the best out of it.

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I still vividly remember how I pestered my dad for my first computer when I was just 13, bluffing that all my classmates have one. It was just a mindless desire. He finally bought me one with his savings and left to the town where he was working; the rest of us were in the city; he used to visit us once in a week.

After buying it, I just played a couple of games and didn’t know what to do with it. I wept in my mother’s arms heavily, blaming myself that I have wasted dad’s hard earned money for nothing. She just brushed my hair and said, "It’s ok, you will learn gradually, even in this playing will you learn some computer; nothing goes wasted. If you have this sense of seriousness that you shouldn’t waste dad’s money, then you will make good use of it".

This day I’m a game programmer, often called a geek with exuberant interest in computers; all this is only because of her courageous words.

Thank you அம்மா! Wish you a very happy birthday, dear mom 🙂

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