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Friendship Quotes: Communicate To Those Close To You How You Feel

Friendship quotes help awkward situations when you need to tell your friend something. Besides, do we not often have those moments that we desire to tell someone how exactly we feel about them? Isn’t it important to know precisely what to say in the moment you need to say it?

A birthday card is a good example of a moment when people need to have words to express how they feel. Uncomfort might show it’s head, but it’s still important to do it. But people need to hear the truth about how you feel about them regardless of what it says or how it says it.

A lot of our buddies live without knowledge about our true feelings about them. The issue is, we do not convey them very much. I mean, when would we? It’s not the best thing to say out of the blue over a cup of coffee – that can get awkward. But friendship quotes may help you get the exact thing to say to convey your feelings.

A lot of times, even we may not know how we feel about someone until we tell them. We can get a quote and apply it to our friendship and never loose its essence.

Perhaps you just want to, out of the blue, let a special someone know how you feel. That person might be someone that romantic feelings are evolving for? With a friendship quote, you are able to tell someone how you feel and still keep your romantic feelings for them without them running away.

Besides, the essence of good love is a good friendship. The reason is because friends build trust and safety that you can get no where else in this world. There are very few things more durable than a friendship bond. A friendship quote could the most romantic gift you could give.

Coming up with one yourself is hard to do, so find them on line and tell your friends (or more) how you feel.

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Australian Graphic Design
birthday quotes
Image by Alki1
Poster designed by Inkahoots 2002, a Brisbane community access screenprinting collective. From Graphic Design for the 21st Century by Charlotte & Peter Fiell.

I would like to quote Incahoots today, July 22, my eightieth birthday.

"Like the child that closes its eyes and imagines it can’t be seen, design now seems willfully blinded to the anti-human consequences of consumer capitalism. We release rushing torrents of words, images and sounds that often say nothing at all, and at worst deceive and degrade our humanity. We also create electric works with the potential to explore new ways of knowing ourselves. Inkahoots believes our visual language is a site for the organization of social power. We can close our eyes and pretend the world isn’t there, or we can imagine a better world."