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Quotes About Love – Write Your Own Love Letter In 6 Easy Steps

You want to tell your mate how you really feel about them but you find yourself staring at a blank screen for such a long time you give up. Or you try a few lines only to delete them all and start over again. Why is it so hard to tell the loved one in our life exactly what their value is to us? Do you find it difficult to find the words to correctly express how you feel? Or is it that you just can’t explain it? Do not let words get in the way of telling your loved one how much they mean to you.

Everybody wants to be loved. When you’re busy living life, there never seems time to relax and truly enjoy that central relationship that makes it all worthwhile. Oftentimes we believe that those closest to us know precisely how we really feel about them and how important they are to us. But the sad reality is that frequently, they do not.

So how can you create a love letter that you will really feel proud to give and one that your loved one will cherish for all time? Where do you begin? Follow these simple tips below and you’ll be on your way in no time.

1. First write down 5 points that you love about your partner and be as specific as possible. Rather than writing that they are kind, instead be detailed about how they are kind. Possibly they constantly smile at waiters in restaurants or they’re excellent at making individuals feel engaged, particularly at parties.

2. Write down five points that they have done that confirms how much you love them and again, give examples. Possibly they enveloped you in a hug last night when you were feeling frustrated about your family. Or maybe they knew how disappointed you were when you missed out on that promotion and they cooked a unique meal to cheer you up.

3. Pick the greatest three examples from each of the above categories and weave them into your letter. You can start by saying ‘I adore how you…’ after which include the three examples from the first point. Then you can say something like ‘I loved the way you…’ and then mention the other examples. Make sure you emphasize how their actions made you feel, how loved you felt and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

4. It is best to write up a draft first after which go over it to determine if you are able to enhance it. Occasionally it helps to write up what you need to say, edit it until it flows well and then leave it for a day or two prior to going back for a final edit and polish.

5. Specialty paper and write out your letter. Do not worry if your handwriting isn’t perfect – it’s distinctly yours and your loved 1 will appreciate the time and effort you put into the letter. Should you really feel your writing is so bad it will be difficult to read or if your illegible handwriting is something you’ve argued about before then pay to have it hand written by a professional. At a stretch you could use a much more romantic font on your computer, say Garamond in italic, but you ought to truly only do that as a last resort. The more personal you can make your letter the more your loved 1 will treasure it.

6. Think about how you plan on delivering this letter to them. Will you slip it in their briefcase? Mail it? Leave it under the pillow? Do you need to be there when they open it? Should you want to see their reaction, then it’s best to hand it to them. You could team the letter up with a little gift like flowers or chocolate but make sure the gift doesn’t stand out as much as the letter since you want it to be the primary focus.

If a birthday or anniversary or other special occasion is involved you will want to mention that too.

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20150204 – SA4QE
birthday quotes
Image by ra1000
As I have done for several years now, I participated today in an international conspiracy – called, mysteriously, SA4QE – to celebrate the naming day of the brilliant author, Russell Hoban.

All around the world, pieces of yellow paper, bearing quotes from Hoban books, have been left in public places – cafe tables, bookshops, park benches, telephone booths, train stations or anywhere my fellow participants deemed appropriate. Russell Hoban remains one of the most original writers of the twentieth century and one of my very favourites.

Here’s this year’s submission:

Russell Hoban’s naming day was cold and rainy here in White Rock BC, Canada. The pier was mostly deserted. I walked to the very end and attached this year’s quote to the railing that looks out to the American San Juan Islands and the Canadian Gulf Islands.

As I walked back, a small smile of a rare kind took over my cold and wet face.

Happy Birthday Russ, and thank you.

“Perhaps this world that’s in us, this world that we’re in, was never meant to be fixed and permanent; perhaps it’s only one of a continuous succession of world-ideas passing through the world-mind. And we are, all of us, the passing and impermanent perceivers of it.”

Russell Hoban ~ From the Novel ‘Fremder’

You can check out other submissions as they come in, and learn more about Russell Hoban and SA4QE here.

Trubba not.

Here are some beautiful funny words for birthday. Hopefully this collection of funny quotes about birthday will make you laugh.
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Sad Love Quotes – Writing Love Letters And Poems For All Occasions

Would you like to write personalized love letters and poems for your girlfriend but do not know where to start? Although it is true that a personalized love letter is generally preferred more than a greeting card, regrettably the majority of folks don’t put up additional effort to write one. Even though this might be due to lack of time, frequently people are too timid or just simply lack the confidence to create their own love letters. A lot of people feel they don’t have the necessary writing skills or flair. Luckily, composing of this nature can be perfected with a small practice and patience. In almost no time at all, you could be writing material that captures the heart of your lover.

Writing Points for Love Letters and Poems

The first thing to remember when composing a love message for your mate is to write from the heart. Let the person know your true feelings for them. This may consist of telling them how you feel when you very first met, expounding on past events or occasions which are dear to your heart, or telling them of their qualities you find most attractive. Remember you are composing to an individual. Take time to personalize your letter or poem and it will be cherished for years to come.

How many people do you know who have saved love letters which are decades old? Really it is not too uncommon for a person to keep hand written correspondence from a former or current lover. Now ask yourself how many people would be likely to save greeting cards from years gone by. Although maybe a couple of, the numbers are nowhere near that of hand-composed letters and poems. This truth alone ought to inspire you to create your personal love greetings.

Unique Events and Occasions

The following list contains holidays and events which are the ideal time for letting your lover know just how you really feel.

* Valentine’s Day

* Sweetest Day

* Birthday

* Anniversary

* Marriage proposal or engagement

* Birth of a child

These are just a couple of of the unique times you might wish to create your personal love letters. Nevertheless, you need not wait for a particular event to express your feelings of passion. Frequently receiving a love greeting unexpectedly can have the greatest impact. Your mate will be grateful that you took the time to express yourself for no special reason.

After a small practice, you will become more comfortable writing your own love messages. Actually, your mate might soon begin to expect or anticipate hand composed correspondence from you. When this occurs, you will know your efforts have been worthwhile.

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Lorins Birthday Card
birthday quotes
Image by dawnzy58
This is the a birthday card I made for my niece Lorin. I’ve been doing digital scrapbooking and I’m having so much fun with it!

credits- The Promise Collection from The Shabby Princess
clipping mask- Misty Cato
quote- Elegant Word Art, Bethany Harty

a good stack of happy birthday quotes and messages with a birthday tune… check here http://www.happybirthdaygif.net/2014/02/birthday-quotes.html

Happy birthday
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birthday quotes for sister
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Friendship Quotes: Communicate To Those Close To You How You Feel

Friendship quotes help awkward situations when you need to tell your friend something. Besides, do we not often have those moments that we desire to tell someone how exactly we feel about them? Isn’t it important to know precisely what to say in the moment you need to say it?

A birthday card is a good example of a moment when people need to have words to express how they feel. Uncomfort might show it’s head, but it’s still important to do it. But people need to hear the truth about how you feel about them regardless of what it says or how it says it.

A lot of our buddies live without knowledge about our true feelings about them. The issue is, we do not convey them very much. I mean, when would we? It’s not the best thing to say out of the blue over a cup of coffee – that can get awkward. But friendship quotes may help you get the exact thing to say to convey your feelings.

A lot of times, even we may not know how we feel about someone until we tell them. We can get a quote and apply it to our friendship and never loose its essence.

Perhaps you just want to, out of the blue, let a special someone know how you feel. That person might be someone that romantic feelings are evolving for? With a friendship quote, you are able to tell someone how you feel and still keep your romantic feelings for them without them running away.

Besides, the essence of good love is a good friendship. The reason is because friends build trust and safety that you can get no where else in this world. There are very few things more durable than a friendship bond. A friendship quote could the most romantic gift you could give.

Coming up with one yourself is hard to do, so find them on line and tell your friends (or more) how you feel.

Express yourself with sad love quotes and also check sweet love quotes

Australian Graphic Design
birthday quotes
Image by Alki1
Poster designed by Inkahoots 2002, a Brisbane community access screenprinting collective. From Graphic Design for the 21st Century by Charlotte & Peter Fiell.

I would like to quote Incahoots today, July 22, my eightieth birthday.

"Like the child that closes its eyes and imagines it can’t be seen, design now seems willfully blinded to the anti-human consequences of consumer capitalism. We release rushing torrents of words, images and sounds that often say nothing at all, and at worst deceive and degrade our humanity. We also create electric works with the potential to explore new ways of knowing ourselves. Inkahoots believes our visual language is a site for the organization of social power. We can close our eyes and pretend the world isn’t there, or we can imagine a better world."


Famous Birthday Quotes – Words to Live by and Inspire Smiles and Contemplation!

Famous birthday quotes are always a great option when you can’t think of anything to write in a card. Let the pearls of wisdom of those who have gone before you, spill out and bring comfort or a smile to your recipient.

Birthdays come but once a year and yet we seem to stumble over our words and not know what to say. Much has been written and spoken about this famous day, and many well-known personalities have expressed their opinions. Some are humorous and some make you think and ponder. Here are some famous one-liner birthday quotes to consider imparting to your friends or loved ones who are celebrating birthdays:

William Yeats – “From our birthday, until we die, is but the winking of an eye.”

Pablo Picasso – “It takes a long time to become young.”

Charles Schulz – “Just remember, once you’re over the hill you begin to pick up speed.”

Robert Orben – “The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.”

Abraham Lincoln – “Everyone desires to live long, but no one would be old.”

Maurice Chevalier – “Old age isn’t so bad when you consider the alternative.”

George Harrison – “All the world is birthday cake, so take a piece, but not too much.”

Muhammad Ali – “Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are.”

Cicero – “So you see old age is really not so bad. May you come to know the condition!”

Abraham Sutzkever – “If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.”

If you didn’t find quite what you were looking for, here’s another batch of famous birthday quotes to mull over and see if one of these might be a perfect match for that special person:

Pope John XXIII – “Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age.”

Anonymous – “Age is a number and mine is unlisted.”

Oprah Winfrey – “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Lucille Ball – “The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.”

Bob Hope – “You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake. You still chase women, but only downhill.”

Katherine Hepburn – “If you survive long enough, you’re revered – rather like an old building.”

Abraham Lincoln – “And in the end, it’s note the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

Robert Frost – “A diplomat is a man who always remembers a woman’s birthday but never remembers her age.”

Caryn Leschen – “Thirty-five is when you finally get your head together and your body starts falling apart.”

George Clemenceau – “Middle Age: When you begin to exchange your emotions for symptoms.”

Irish Blessing – “May you live as long as you want and never want as long as you live.”

So, the next time you need to fill out a birthday card, consider including a fun or inspiring quote.

Find additional Famous Birthday Quotes, by visiting www.birthday-party-ideas-101.com, a party planning website written and edited by Professional Organizer, Elizabeth Chastain. Copyright: You may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links, and this copyright notice remain intact.

“Who ever loved that loved not at first sight? “
birthday quotes
Image by Nick Kenrick.
quote by William Shakespeare

romance is my theme as it is Valentines soon and my sweethearts birthday this week

texture by ..skeletalmess.

My Website

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Automobile Insurance Quotes Comparison and also you

Acquiring insurance is one of the key selections that you must make given that this will likely greatly influence the fiscal stability which you have planned for so prolonged. Quick and trouble-free automobile insurance coverage quotes are around the suggestion of the fingers now. Car Insurance coverage Quotes Comparison is your efficient guide to getting the very best insurance coverage to your automobile. All you’ll want to do is usually to have your social safety number, birthday, car make and model as well as the form of coverage that you are searching for all set and also you will get that quote in only 5 minutes. You can find quotes and the best possible charges from many insurance coverage organizations that serve your region or you can even try out to check some rates on other states in the event you have options of transferring from the long run.

One has to get multiple quotes before making the decision. We all know that the best way to get value from our money is to shop around and compare the different offers until we find the one that we are looking for. If you already have a good deal with your car insurance now it doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking since one will not know how much they can still save or how much more they can get. Car Insurance Quotes Comparison will help you find quotes from reputable insurance companies that can provide coverage where you live or where you are moving to. In this way you can conveniently check on the rates from time to time since the prices can change monthly or regularly and every insurance company has diverse pricing structures.

The web site is well-resourced with diverse hyperlinks that you simply can head to if you’d like to find out more about insuring your automobile or simply merely realize how auto insurance works. In addition they partnered with significant car insurance businesses like AIG, GMAC Insurance coverage and Nationwide have policies which will even allow you to cover the big difference in between the cost of a freshly bought or leased auto as well as the real vehicle worth. The purpose for this really is that automobiles can lose its worth the moment you start driving them which implies that you can shed a good deal of the cash if you are in an accident. That is in contrast to the normal policy wherever they typically cover the cost to substitute your automobile using a equivalent depreciated a single.

There are many of car insurance coverage firms right now and numerous delivers and promotions are made to have a hold of your attention. This will be complicated to shoppers like you whenever you are attempting to decide on what insurance coverage you would like to get. Given that Vehicle Insurance Quotes Comparison has partnered with reliable automobile insurance firms, now it is a widely employed internet site by everybody who’s sensible sufficient to feel very first before jumping into decisions which have long-term final results. Have a look at the internet site so that you will probably be far more as much as date, a lot more prepared and much more experienced prior to finding that insurance for the car.

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a quote
birthday quotes
Image by Quack the Wooley Duck
We went to the Adventure Science Center and the planetarium there for my mom’s birthday.


The Relevance of Assessing Life Insurance Quotes Online

Contemporary technological capabilities had made a significant change on the vital ways of seeking the most affordable life insurance coverage available. Presently, life insurance companies have their particular sites showcasing quotes online.

Life insurance policy is actually considered as the most beneficial asset you can own. The best time to obtain for a life insurance is when you are still young and healthy as insurance premiums usually become expensive as you become older. Buying an insurance coverage is the only technique which will provide you with a tax free fortune for your own loved ones in the event of your passing away.

You do not need to bother about details about suppliers simply because this feature is now available on the internet. These firms will also offer you life insurance quotes online to help you when selecting the most affordable plan for you.

What are do you mean by online quotes?

In case you have got an insurance coverage on the internet you will be able to operate and compare competitive insurance firms that will help you spend less money and time than the traditional services. The list of quotes of your insurance coverage would be viewed in a moment after you fill in a quotation with some of your private information including name, birthday, state as well as terms. Some also give numbers to contact if in any case you require further clarification regarding the product or service.

The benefits of evaluating online insurance quotes

You’ll acquire a simpler, quicker coverage results and access on better charges and lots of options if you evaluate insurance coverage quotes online. There are numerous ways for you to make the most of your insurance and it is your choice to figure out what’s the ideal. You’ll find varieties of insurance policy to select from. You have to analyze whether you need whole an insurance plan, term coverage or universal or variable life plans that fit your purpose.

Looking for the right life policy could be complicated and time-consuming. It is necessary to understand several policy options and various insurance firms accessible to determine the best selection for you and your family. Comparing your own insurance quotes online will provide you with more opportunity of seeking choices and checking what your money could acquire. It is always wise to get as much comparable insurance plan as you can so you will have all pertinent offers too.

If you need to read additional info on life insurance quotes online, visit http://www.miplan.com.au/.

If You’re Not Confused
birthday quotes
Image by B Tal
"If you’re not confused, you’re not paying attention."
Tom Peters

Shaun and Alexis reacting to something. This is a spoof on another shot involving these two characters a bit earlier this year.

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The Special lines Life Quotes on iluvquotes

Words that are crafted well leave a lasting impact. These special lines are referred to as “Quotes”. A good quote is worth a thousand words. People of all age groups enjoy reading quotes in magazines, books, newspapers and on the web world. Quotes are basically attractive one liner in general or stated by some famous personalities like an author, poet, sportsperson, politician, and so on.

A good quote helps you to express your views in a better way. It enhances your story telling. It creates interest in motivational lectures. Almost all youngsters’ uses love quotes to express their feelings.

As the people have started to surf, they look for quotes online as well. ILuvQuotes is the world’s largest and most established quotation site. It is one of the best and uplifting websites when it comes to Life Quotes.

ILuvquotes entertain and educate audiences with family-friendly quotations from history’s most well-known figures through to today’s eminent – famous celebrities, athletes, politicians, famous authors, and everything in between. Here you will find Inspirational Quotes, Inspirational Pictures, Motivational Quotes & Pictures, Friendship Quotes, Love Quotes, Success Quotes, Life Quotes, Relationship Quotes, Famous Authors Quotes, Positive Quotes, Trust Quotes, Famous Authors notes, Uplifting blogs and stories from leaders of past and today. ILuvquotes continuously strive to make life better for those who are looking for the betterment of themselves and others.

ILuvQuotes provides an all-access pass to the world of quotations. Site serves you with any kind of quote you want to look for from birthday, motivational, love, health, education, success and so on. It attracts educators, students, writers, journalists, researchers, media professionals and quote-lovers of all ages.

Life quotes being the most significant section, here the few Life quotes:
“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha
“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” – Joseph Campbell
“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives. “- Jackie Robinson
“Our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts.”- Soren Kierkegaard

ILuvQuotes becomes one stop shop for every age group looking for their respective choice of quotes. Within a very short span it has widen its reach, created its want and deepen its roots on the web world.

Visit our official website for more information: http://www.iluvquotes.com/category/topic/life/

birthday quotes
Image by cam_rich345
Happy Birthday to Mr. Chuck Norris! I actually didn’t know it was his birthday until someone made a comment about my shirt!


Learn Why Life Insurance Quotes Are Very Important

Too many people when approach by life insurance brokers forget to get life insurance quotes so that they can compare the quotes from amongst the many insurers. This is very important so that you can get the best deal for your money. Whether you are looking for a term life insurance or whole life insurance, you need a insurance quotes to have a better understanding of your options. Another thing you need to learn more is the life insurance companies you are getting these quotes. You need to endure that these insurers are highly rated companies and reliable.

Life insurance is a contract in which two parties, the insurer and the insured arrive at an agreement that the insurer will pay the insured beneficiaries in the event of the insureds death provided the latter will pay insurance premiums for a period of time. As above, the quicker you purchase your policy the better. The policy payer in return, pays an agreed amount that is called a premium at intervals or lump sums.

For example if you are buying insurance for a vehicle that you are going to be driving off road you could need a specialist policy, particularly if you are taking part in rallies or shows. According to the New York Daily News, it is very common for their spouse, children or relatives to be indirectly responsible for the policy holder debt payments.

However, the premiums for permanent life stay the same over the years, while the premiums for term life increase. The best thing that you can do is to get several health insurance quotes. The actual grades vary by rating company. Mortgage insurance assures that mortgage loans will be paid by the insurer in the event of the insured death. For example, the term might be until children are grown up, or till their education is over, or until one’s retirement. While some companies raise their prices based on your actual age, most companies increase the price of their policies six months before your birthday.

When reviewing an existing life insurance policy you want to make sure the coverage meets your current needs. Whole life insurance is ideal for persons having long-term goals because of the guarantee in cash value build up and the convenience of withdrawal in the event of emergencies. If you are looking to get life insurance for yourself and your spouse or partner, then consider buying one joint policy, instead of two individual policies. The younger you are when you purchase life insurance, the lower your premiums will be. The beneficiaries are normally the dependents who receive the death benefit to be paid by the insurance company. They may either be persons, business entities or organizations.

Work policies are often based on a composite profile of the employees you work with, many of whom may be less healthy than you, or have other underwriting factors that might drive up rates. Whenever you apply for life insurance, you need to get life insurance quotes from life insurance companies online to compare the many different quotes you may get from each to the insurers. These are very important things that you need to learn more and understand before buying life insurance.

Get Life Insurance Quotes From Amongst the Reliable and Highly Rated Life Insurance Companies When Buying Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance . for More Info and Tips go to JGVFinance.com

birthday quotes
Image by Rakka
for leff’s 33rd bday party!

to quote leff: "Note to all other pasta: "you will become like us!" or "you will be upgraded!" (depending on what decade you’re from)"

he also got a sonic screwdriver like groc’s but i’ll let him post those photos. ;D


No cost Quotes on Auto insurance

Transportation is one of our simple necessities. Transportation gives us effortless entry to diverse spots, may possibly it be by land, air or water. Without this means of transport it’ll substantially influence our every day regimen, this can be like being stuck on your rooftop throughout a flood.
Vehicles would be the dominant mode of transportation by land. Some thought to be it by now as an extension of their property. Subsequent to acquiring a home most of us will strategy to purchase a vehicle. Some will even get the car very first and lease the home as a result of some scenarios that compels the buyer to perform so. People will even treat autos as aspect with the loved ones providing them nicknames and getting a birthday celebration. With this particular mentioned, individuals also get protection prepare for the autos.

It really is usually important to obtain one of the most of what that you are having to pay on your auto insurance. Study has to be done to get the appropriate policy to suit your needs and also the very best to do analysis nowadays is heading on-line. The moment you might have gathered enough data and you also sense that you must make clear far more, then that’s the time for you to call the insurance coverage organization or consult an expertise insurance broker.

Obtaining free quotes on car insurance can be a quite helpful company for shoppers searching for a protection program. Often just getting standard data will expense you cash like consulting a physician to get a price or a attorney or possibly a shrink. They get paid for chatting, but just acquiring standard information for searching all around would be unfair by now. Getting free of charge quotes will provide you with a clearer photograph of what’s going to your policy look like so that you can prepare ahead of time and put it in your finances. The marketplace info that arrives from no cost quotes are incredibly important data because in addition, it allows you to compare costs from insurance firm. Acquiring free quotes online is just not an insurance coverage organization or an insurance broker, it really is just an further hand.

You have to enter all information needed so that by using their matching system, it will connect you to the insurance agent or company. After the application the agents that represent the insurance company will contact you and offer the best policy that suits you needs, at which point you can select from the interested providers. The main advantage of getting free quotes is that you are selling your business. Once you are tagged as a possible customer you are going to receive a lot of offers and most of them will give you discounts. It is like you are putting your business on a public auction. Another advantage is that you can take your time to weigh the offers given to you and when you are ready, they are just one phone call away from striking a deal.

Every person now leads a active life that it’s currently impractical to shell out the entire day calling the insurance organization, get in touch with center and repeating the same information over and over once again that within the stop you receive puzzled with the diverse info you’ve gathered by now.

Looking to find the best deal on Free quotes on auto insurance, then visit www.cheapestcarinsurer.com/free-quotes-on-auto-insurance/ to find the best advice on Free quotes on auto insurance for you.

Happy Birthday Ulla!
birthday quotes
Image by Chrisseee
On ihmisiä, joiden seurassa kesät ovat aina kuumempia, seikkailut suurempia ja tähdet lähempänä. Sinä olet juuri sellainen! Hyvää syntymäpäivää!

There are people in whose company the summers are always hotter, adventures bigger and stars closer. You’re just the one! Happy birthday!


Christmas related information and funny messages and Quotes.

Every year in December 25 date is the most important and very famous all over the world. This day is Christmas, Christmas is the birthday of prophet Gesious. This is basically belong to Christen people but all the people Celebrate this event and send the Christmas Messages to his friends that like this and pass a comment on these messages ,mostly the messages are religious messages.

Christmas Messages is very big event that are celebrated all over the world .All the Government and private sector are given a weekend to its employee on this day. People are too much enjoy on this day, because all over the counties are well arranged and looking so much beautiful .On this event many big functions are organized for the entertaining of the people. Christmas Messages morning people firstly people go for prayer in the Church and then came home for meet their friends and family member, women are cook sweet dishes and many type of foods, and whole day people are enjoy and go for feast in his relatives houses .Most of people when go their relatives houses then they bring a cakes and other sweet dishes for them, its show love for their relatives. Many people decorate trees called Christmas Messages trees, these trees are decorated with gifts, chocolate, toffee and lighting that make it too much attractive and beautiful.

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On this event many big functions are organized for the entertaining of the people. Christmas Messages morning people firstly people go for prayer in the Church and then came home for meet their friends and family member, women are cook sweet dishes and many type of foods, and whole day people are enjoy and go for feast in his relatives houses.We give you all the type of information related to Funny Quotes who make your event a remarkable event, Our company have hire a staff who are well known about this event, that arrange all the type off Christmas Messages event less budget and any big budget that are make your Christmas too much excited and enjoyable.

birthday card w/ quote
birthday quotes
Image by lindsay.dee.bunny
Poor quality shot but wicked quote. Bette Davis knew how to preach it.